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Frue Plads Market 2023 – 10. 11. 12. august on Frue Plads in Copenhagen - near university

Welcome to the annual crafts and design fair in Copenhagen. Explore contemporary Danish crafts and design products - and meet the professional makers. The exhibitors sell everything from ceramics and jewelry to glassware and fashion items. adress: Frue Plads, 1168 København K.

thursday: 12-18, friday: 10-18, saturday: 10-18

Meet you!   no entry fees.

Boden Schätze (treasuries from the ground) - in the Museum Eckernförde - 20.08. to 22.10. 2023

starts sunday - 20.08.  - 11.30 h

two of my works are exponated

The Danish Queen, Her Majesty Dronning Margrethe, wearing a birthday present from the danish minority in Germany cause of her 70. birthday (16. April 2010) on 4. september 2019 in Schleswig in publicy. I am very happy to see this piece again, after it has been developped on my working desk nearly 10 years ago

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award and exhibition in Copenhagen - Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879

The art and craft award of 1879, Bronze medal, exhibition at Art and Crafts Museum/ DESIGN MUSEUM DANMARK, Copenhagen >> to picture

ART AUREA asks – HanneBay Lührssen answers more »   

ART AUREA is Germanys most beautiful Magazin for Applied Arts ( Angewandte Kunst, Schmuck und Design) – you find my profile on ART AUREA / Profile/ Schmuckdesign  here » 

my newest catalog can downloades here >> here

my profile - ART AUREA

Hanne Bay Lührssen has been admitted to the  ART AUREA - THE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE FOR THE APPLIED ARTS, JEWELRY AND DESIGN. Here presents the most important works created by discerning jewelry designers, manufactories and artists.  more »